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Process Risk & Controls (PRC)

Identify Process Risks, Design, Implement and operate adequate controls to mitigate risks to your organization and customer Information & Technology Assets.

Process Risk & Controls is a structured method that helps an organization evaluate, understand, and optimize its business processes, which is essential to promote risk management to mitigate business risks. With PRC, an organization can check the health of its operational activities, financial reports, and their compliance with its internal procedures and operate in compliance with operating regulations under the law.

Process Risk & Control Assessment is a process that is implemented to determine operational risks and find ways to mitigate them. This is done by examining existing internal controls and implementing new and improved internal controls to meet all business objectives.

Our Services will identify, evaluate and implement critical technology and data assets that support your key business processes and operations.

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Technocore360 Identify Process Risks, Design, Execute and operate adequate controls to alleviate risks to your company

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